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Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite

 Shattered Earth: Approaching Extinction by Ian Prattis is a compelling prophecy for humanity. In this book, the author gives a strong warning against the threat to which human greed and abuse of the environment have subjected the earth. It is painful to read, but this is not fiction. The book unveils startling and disturbing facts to illustrate how much damage we have already caused the environment, from the throes of climate change to the evil of militarization, from excessive human greed to acts of violence and war. The author cites concrete examples of how the world is dying by using the experience of Australia with sand storms, volcanic eruptions, and coastal tsunamis, the widespread inundations in Bangladesh, the Netherlands and worldwide coastal regions, rising sea levels and many others.

Shattered Earth is a book with a message that should rouse every human being and make them ask serious questions about what they are doing to save the earth. While the planet is dying and many people are experiencing diseases and starvation, there is noticeable mindlessness that isn’t just shocking but evil. In prose that is beautiful and in a voice that is compelling, Ian Prattis invites readers to think about the fate of the planet and shares stories that are moving and revealing of the actions that are destroying our world. Shattered Earth: Approaching Extinction is a timely book and one that addresses environmental issues with much clarity. This is a book that should be promoted and now is the time to save the earth.























48 Minute Interview about “Shattered Earth: Approaching Extinction”

I enjoyed the depth of this interview with Robert Sharpe. The conversation rested on specific questions.


Listen here to the conversation: https://www.blogtalkradio.com/biteradiome/2019/12/05/shattered-earth-approaching-extinction-with-dr-ian-prattis


Should the interview catch your interest, take a look at the Cover, Overview, Foreword, Testimonials, Q&A, and Order of the book – go to the URL on my website – http://ianprattis.com/ShatteredEarth.html

The ORDER tab takes you to Amazon (soon to Indigo), and to the Author’s stack of books. Using the latter option you can buy an autographed book that comes with a bonus – a FREE prior book as a thank you.

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Foreword for “Shattered Earth: Approaching Extinction.”

My soon to be released book “Shattered Earth: Approaching Extinction”  opens with Chapter One – A Candid Look at the Future. It lays out the corruption of the fossil fuel cabal, the ignored science and the consequences of releasing CO2 into the atmosphere. It continues with The Children and Extinction Rebellion (XR), Impermanence and Extinction and appeals to Indigenous threads of sanity.

I expect the books to be delivered by the end of October. Ottawa friends can get a copy from my home with a bonus – one prior book for FREE with each purchase. Email me at iprattis@bell.net or use Messenger on Facebook for directions. There will soon be a URL that directs you to my website – http://www.ianprattis.com – this enables purchase to Amazon or Indigo, in addition to the FREE book bonus option through the author. The URL features are – Cover, Overview, Prologue, Excerpt, Testimonials, Q&A, Order Book.

FOREWORD by Michael B. Davie

Author Dr. Ian Prattis opens Shattered Earth in the not too distant future with a futuristic analysis of Climate Change and “the inevitable fate provided by the suicide pact engineered by corrupt corporations for most of humanity.”

From there, the award-winning writer examines destructive environmental trends and practices and explores ways to protect and preserve planet Earth.

Dr. Prattis employs a skillful blending of fiction, non-fiction and biographical narratives to effectively convey his message in a thought-provoking, reader-engaging manner.

Shattered Earth provides both a big-picture look at our planet’s environment in crisis along with a more individualistic-personal perspective, evident in his own experiences shared throughout this book.

This is also particularly evident in my own favorite section of Shattered Earth: The enthralling Part Three – Hello Darkness, a superbly written collection of fictional short stories, exploring everything from a broken lover’s loss of his self-created nurturing relationship-environment and subsequent encounter with a violent ocean environment; to a loner’s strong desire to save his natural environment from being destroyed by big developer bulldozers; to an act of arson; to an old man braving an incredibly harsh environment to save the life of a child – small-picture stories of  individuals engaged in environmental interaction.

Shattered Earth is a joy to read with an underlying message that we need to treat ourselves, our neighbours and our planet with much more care and concern – if you weren’t an environmentalist on starting this book, you will be by the time you finish reading it.

– Michael B. Davie, publisher-president, Manor House.


Ripple felt on all shores

Our World is Burning: My Views on Mindful Engagement

  • Gayle Crosmaz-Brown, Master Drum Artisan & Spiritual Activator

Ian’s writing style keeps one motivated to keep turning the pages wanting to know more. His passion for sharing his insights and growth has no bounds, and triggers others to take action. May all who invest their time absorbing these pages find it in their own hearts to live the example being created within his prose. Ian is the stone being tossed into the waters of life. Let his ripple be felt on all shores.

Order Book: Amazon, Indigo, Author Autograph – http://ianprattis.com/OurWorldIsBurning.html

Peace Ambassadors

Peace Ambassadors

sticker v41

As we prepare for the 11th Friends for Peace Day in Ottawa City Hall (See blog on Community Activism at Work in Ottawa), I recall our first Day in the autumn of 2003. Our two activist speakers scratched at the last minute due to illness.  As a backup I did my best to step into their shoes.  In the pouring rain this is what I said:


“I want to talk to you about our children and the kind of future we create for them.  Do we teach them peace?  Or through neglect do we allow violence to flood their minds, hearts and consciousness so they learn war?  Even worse, do they live out our own personal wars expressed through our violent attitudes, speech and actions towards them?  I ask every adult here, particularly men, and in our country to deal with their internal wars so that only the best in us is passed on to our children, not the worst in terms of violence. How do we deal with our internal wars, hatreds and fears that constitute our Wild Mind?  We must stop running; stop hiding behind our addictions and busyness.  We come to a stop, look deeply into the eyes of our children and make a commitment to face our internal demons and transform them by stepping on to the path of compassion.  Not by transmitting our wars and internal afflictions to the children of the world.  We need community for this, to support us in sacred ceremony, meditation and creative spirituality so that we raise our consciousness by retraining our minds, through refining our speech, attitudes and actions.  We show our children the way to peace by learning to be it.  Since 9/11 the level of hate and violence globally has increased dramatically.  Excessive violence has been used to suppress violence.  This is not the way to proceed.  There is no “them” and “us.”  We either learn to live peacefully together or we all suffer and die together.

All violence is injustice and we have to teach our children the truth about war.  Not about winners and losers, but about the long term suffering on both sides.  It is only citizens of the world standing together for peace and saying “No to War” that will stop it.  But the hatred grows and the suffering increases.  What can we do as individuals to change this?  We go to war – with ourselves. First of all we must uproot the violence and war within our minds.  To prevent war we nurture non-violence.  We practice meditation and prayer in daily life to transform the poisons within our minds and within our nation.

Flag carriers 400

We enter into true peace negotiations by learning the methods of deep listening, of respectful and non-violent communication. By understanding and bringing our mindless, selfish agendas to a stop.    We create peace by knowing that compassion is the antidote to violence and hatred.  We must also make peace with Mother Earth.  If we injure Mother Earth, we injure ourselves.  Our civilization has caused such deep harm to the earth that we humans may soon become an endangered species. We have imposed so much neglect and ignorance upon the Earth.  The solution is not political or economic – these are secondary.  The primary solution is spiritual.  Every faith and spiritual tradition must renew its  ethics and responsibilities and honour the interconnected nature of humanity with Mother Earth.  We must make it clear to our political and corporate leaders that the violence they commit in our name is no longer acceptable.  We must hold them to account and influence them with our clarity, wisdom and courage.  The actions we take now are shaping the possibilities for future generations.

The crowd

So here is our challenge.  Today, in the pouring rain and thunder storms we have experienced peace, a deep peace shared between many traditions, cultures and religions.  This experience evaporates into nothing if we do not translate it into action.  Begin the work on yourselves today, so that your attitudes, speech and actions become an example to your children, friends and communities.  Take the practical steps to make peace with Mother Earth in terms of what you consume and support.  Then represent your community, in coalition with other communities, to political and corporate leaders.  Show clearly that we are choosing peace and harmony within ourselves, within our communities and with Mother Earth.  Together we can do it.

We are Ambassadors of Peace after all.”


Deep Silence

Deep Silence

In the Silence

I heard my own voice

The sound was deafening.                                                      Teresa Hernandez

DCF 1.0

My journey through meditation has often been clumsy and ineffective until I stumbled across where I had to go.  It was into Silence.  Deep Silence and stillness amidst the chaos and noise of the world I lived in.  I could truly look deeply into the dark areas that held hostage my mental formations of an unwholesome nature.  Over the past decades I have built more and more silence into everyday life.  On a daily basis I stop, look deeply and dialogue with the feminine seeds in my consciousness – a practice received from my Native American medicine teachers. I listen deeply in the silence to the communications from the wholesome attributes of feminine wisdom within me to address issues and questions.  There were some tangible benefits.


High School Murders and the Post 9/11 World

After the murders at Columbine High School in Colorado I put this practice of silence to good use.  Firstly, to prevent myself from being overwhelmed and secondly, to provide guidance and solace.  The spectre of children shooting children in high schools shocked me very deeply.  I was offended by the carnage and angry at society for creating the conditions for children to end up murdering other children.  I also had meditation students who had settled in Colorado and they phoned me in a panic.  I knew I could be of little help, for I was not in the appropriate space to give counsel to anyone.  I had to find a bedrock of understanding and compassion before I could communicate anything worthwhile.  After several days of silence and meditation I wrote an essay in one piece titled “Yes, It Can Happen Here.”  It provided understanding and guidelines about what to do.  It was directed to parents, teachers and children and was sent far and wide across North America and later to Germany and Scandinavia.  Steps of mindfulness in terms of specific meditation practices to deal with grief, anger and hatred were provided in addition to a clear understanding of what had brought events to this particular state.  I felt it was a necessary priority to provide protective measures for our children.


I now speak of my meditation practice after 9/11.  When I learned about the extent of the horror, I went into a deep silence and practiced deep looking to generate calm and clarity, to try and understand.  It was not easy, as there was so much disbelief, shock and outrage within me which only silence could take care of.  It took a great deal of walking meditation, being aware of the feelings that arose and using conscious breath to acknowledge and take care of the strong feelings.  I slowed down with meditation and came to a stop, looked deeply and touched the well of understanding that would have been inaccessible if I did not diligently meditate at this time of crisis.  I wanted to understand, to grasp the roots of suffering, so that anything I might say or do could act to alleviate such suffering – my own and everyone else’s.  From that place my 2002 book was written – The Essential Spiral: Ecology and Consciousness After 9/11.  It was born from the benefits of silence so that I could provide insights for the wider community.  I do see clearly and this is thanks to the many years of silence, mindfulness practice and meditation in times of crisis, as well as in times of peace and happiness.  My response to 9/11 was guided from silence by the actively cultivated energy of compassion.  I do not pretend that this was easy.  It was not, but it was the only thing I could do to generate lucidity.

The Essential Spiral: Ecology and Consciousness After 9/11 – $2.99


TES Cover 2

Newton, CT

I want to talk to you about children who are no longer here. They are dead. Twenty children gunned down at an elementary school in Newton, CT. Children killed as collateral damage in Gaza, Israel, Syria, Congo, Afghanistan and in world-wide violence. We are all grieving parents to the world. The question we all face is – What Now?

In the face of grief we must feel it deeply, be hurt by it, taking time to feel the pain of the tragedy. Then come through, determined to make a difference. STOP IN SILENCE: REASSESS: ENTER THE BODHISATTVA. Stopping requires calling in the support of wise friends, counselors and Sangha so we can begin to see clearly and give ourselves the chance to find ourselves. Stillness and silence is needed, not social media distraction – for we now have to look for a new direction and leadership. To reassess the 21st century, we must look deeply at the factors involved in the Newton, CT massacre. We will see a complex, intertwined tapestry with the easy availability of guns and drugs, compounded by societal tolerance of violence through the worst that cyberspace and Hollywood have to offer. Plus the very serious common denominator shared by the killers stretching back to the Columbine massacre. This is the factor of mental illness in pre-adult white males who are caught in an identity trap that they escape from through violence and murder. This is their five minutes of fame that enables them to be remembered. They occupy a toxic landscape of “not love”, “not connected.” And this is what requires the attention of our mindfulness.  How do we begin?


In Silence.

The Peace Alternative

The Peace Alternative


9/11 changed the world.  Global terror and strife expands on a daily basis. We are already in a planetary war that has no winners.  To prevent the spread of violence and global war we ask all nations and peoples to stop and pause.  To say out loud “The killing stops here and it stops with me.”  To commit to “Peace begins right here and it begins with me.”


Terror, revenge, smart missiles and suicide bombers will not give us peace or security.  In the post 9/11 world the wellbeing and security of the US is intimately connected to the wellbeing and security of the world.  In this new world our old solutions no longer work.  We can no longer take up arms and martyrdom.  If we are to survive, we must now champion peace, global care, and non-violent reconciliation.


We must begin by listening deeply to those we are in conflict with.  We start at home by looking deeply into our own society and tradition, listening to the suffering of our own people.  We nurture peace through local and national forums of deep and compassionate listening.  This act heals deep wounds, for compassionate listening relieves the burden of suffering and discrimination.


We step forward as new leaders, recreating our nation on the foundation of understanding that emerges.  The compassion and goodwill present in the country can inspire other nations.


Internationally we propose a parallel process of deep listening through the creation of peace parliaments and peace departments whose mandate is to offer courageous alternatives to war.  These parliaments would create a safe place for peoples to share their difficulties and hopes for a peaceful world.


Peace parliaments and deep listening provide the middle way between war and indifference.  People will come.  Nations will come.  The time is now.


Please take action by contacting your political representatives, media, and by sending this letter through your networks.




Ian Prattis is author of “The Essential Spiral: Ecology and Consciousness After 9/11” published by University Press of America, August 2002. Also “Failsafe: Saving the Earth from Ourselves.” Fall 2008, Manor House. Both available as ebooks on Amazon Kindle


Callum Mor’s Awakening

Callum Mor’s Awakening

Cover Song of Silence5

This is an excerpt from my recent novel, which is available on Amazon Kindle http://www.amazon.com/Song-Silence-2nd-ebook/dp/B006WB6JII/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1330006852&sr=8-1


I was captivated by Song of Silence. I have three criteria for a good book…I don’t want it to end, I love the end, and I do not wish to speak to anyone for several hours after I finish it. So, this met my criteria on all three levels!

Mary Helen Dean, Organizational Professional, Ottawa, Canada

“Song of Silence is so exquisite in the tenderness and honesty with which the author deals with the human condition. The story pulls you in. Besides the fact that Song of Silence is so beautifully written, it is a book that explores the human condition in its entirety and honors the darkest elements. The author does this with grace, elegance and compassion.

Anita Rizvi, Consultant, Ottawa, Canada


From Chapter Seven

Callum Mor sat with his jacket and coat loosely about him, creating a pocket of warm air that would resist the freezing will of the storm. He breathed slowly and deeply, using the least energy as he sat there and thought. His life went before his eyes and he smiled gently as he saw his childhood and island nurturing. He recalled his family at picnics and peats, the joy of dancing competitively with Moira and rabbiting with Donald. And his teacher, Rachel MacDougall, was there in his mind’s eye. Remembering their adventure with the otter, and how he had written as much about her inelegant slide into the mud as much as he did about the otter, he smiled. He smiled in gratitude for the freedom she opened in his mind. He had received so much. His expression did not change as he thought of his father, Andrew, driven to madness by events he could not overcome. His heart welled with love for his father. He knew it was love that had driven his father to such lengths. He recalled the patient love of his mother Annie and the winter expeditions to the mail boat as their major weekly outing. He understood the warring factions in Brett MacVicker and felt grateful that this man, who killed his brother, should have shielded his darkness from him. His thoughts drifted and rested with his mother and old Colin as they aged. He then thought of his first Catriona. He had long grieved for her and saw her immense love for him and was overcome by it. Thought of her humbled him. Yet now he felt no pain on thinking of her radiance. He gave thanks for the present Catriona – fast asleep and warm within the insulation from the dead ewe. He offered respectful thanks to the ewe for enabling his little Catriona to live. He grieved at the wreckage he had turned himself into with drink, not for what he did to himself but for the pain he had inflicted by rebuke and indifference on people who only loved him. He dozed in the cold for only a moment. His mind kept him awake as he thought of the child Catriona and her mother and father. In the knowing of them they were as gifts to return him to himself. As morning light shafted through the darkness, he lost his self-contempt and saw compassion as the saving grace of both himself and his fellow man. In that long night of freezing cold and driving blizzard his mind led him to these and many other paths and levels of his life. His suffering dissolved as his compassion grew. By morning he arrived at full self-knowledge – a state of enlightenment that he remained in for the rest of his days.

He had no regrets, was without fear, simply filled with a deep well of compassion and love that had always been there within him. He took his time sorting these insights with his mind that was now working with clarity about his life journey. He saw clearly how it had brought him to this state of emancipation.

The blizzard had ended. Catriona was awake and alive and drew from the new strength and calmness that Callum Mor now possessed. He used his fisherman’s knife to hack strips of fleece from the sheep to bind their feet and hands and wrap round her knees. Layers of fleece were thrust inside her cardigan and his jacket to keep them warm. They left their small cave after Catriona gave a special prayer to the dead ewe that had saved her life. And to Callum Mor, whom she loved so totally. They explored the land about them, looking for a path to follow. The snow had gently moulded Nature’s difference into a smooth quilt but Callum Mor knew the way to the edge of the fell.

Callum Mor returned to his island, a fuller and wiser man. He opened himself to the ways of his own people. They saw his goodness and his presence and knew not where it came from but many went to him, drawn by his softness and wisdom. He made the small and ineffectual feel useful, redirected bitterness to joy and loud and vicious men were gentled in his presence. There was an aura about him that transformed life’s frailties and failings into a creative reality. His goodness and gentle acclaim were feared by some for he had power over men and knew that he did; thus he moved them to greater understanding and compassion. Some resented his past indifference to them but on meeting with him, succumbed to his gentleness. They bore ill-concealed hurts that he healed, and wished him no harm. But the men who feared him hated his goodness and sought his destruction. They could not find a way to it but they waited, jealously guarding their intent, carefully marking the time when they thought he would fall.


Environment and Awakening

Environment and Awakening                                                                         Ian Prattis Zen Tree 

Allow me, dear reader, to introduce a Tale of Three books, which highlights a radical change in my writing. I had been invited to speak at St. John’s Church in Richmond, Ontario by Reverend Michel Dubord who takes an interest in my writings. One of his Christmas Eve sermons featured  my book Failsafe. As usual, I was snoozing in one of the back pews when my brother-in-law Kenny dug his elbow into my side to wake me up and whispered hoarsely in my ear that Rev. Michel was talking about my book Failsafe: Saving The Earth From Ourselves. Indeed he was – particularly about tipping points in the mind. Only he took it much further by concluding that the birth of Jesus was a tipping point into awakening.  What a brilliant leap on his part. Richmond is a delightful village on the outskirts of Ottawa. It is where my wife Carolyn grew up. Her mother Joan and sister Eleanor still live there. My theme was global, a talk on Environment and Awakening. It was about awareness of environmental crises leading to change in consciousness then to preventive action. The reality though, is that while citizens around the world are aware, they are overwhelmed by distraction, suffering and violence – all of which keeps them frozen in a state of inaction. The key to change this deep freeze is Awakening, a spiritual relationship with self and Mother Earth. The tale of my three books: Failsafe – Saving The Earth From Ourselves; Earth My Body Water My Blood and Song of Silence takes us to the center of what is required.

Failsafe – Saving The Earth From Ourselves

   failsafef 2 -banner

Several years ago at the beginning of spring after a severe winter in Canada, I participated in a sweat lodge ceremony with respected elders from the Ojibway, Dene and Mohawk First Nations. A senior elder called for this ceremony as he felt a severe disconnect between humanity and the Earth. I felt privileged to be included. It took place in a remote part of Ontario and we camped close to the newly constructed inipi, specially built for this sweat lodge ceremony. Inside the lodge the prayers offered were very moving. We made deeply personal and collective commitments to serve the Earth Mother, to do all that we could to heal her and ourselves. At the end of the final round of the ceremony we emerged into the pristine beauty of a late snowfall under a clear star studded sky. There had been a two-inch snowfall while the sweat lodge was in progress. We walked barefoot in silence to where we were camping. Quiet smiles, not thinking too much. My smile grew immense when looking back at our footprints in the snow.  I gestured to my companions to stop and look.  Words were not appropriate.  We all smiled with the same recognition and looked at one another with new eyes.  It was as though these were the first footprints witnessed on Mother Earth, an epiphany that strengthened our commitment and resolve. Business as usual was no longer possible for us. Share the epiphany, as it is no longer possible for you either, dear reader. My book Failsafe was born from that moment.

David Suzuki endorsed it and wrote the foreword, aboriginal leaders delighted in the advocacy. My point was that in every mind there is a Failsafe that would activate when matters grew so bad that moving to a new mindset would be inevitable. I argued that the notion of innate earth wisdom, when combined with tipping points in the mind and counter culture, would be sufficient to change our collective mentality in the direction of better earth stewardship and a new economic paradigm. On the flip side, I was very aware of the cascading collapse of the world’s eco-systems and that our overpopulated, technologically based civilization may not adapt to a fast changing future without wrecking the environment. If we wreck the environment we are toast.   I knew to look for the means to shift our mind set. I replaced the question: “Can we fix the planet?” with a deeper question: “How do we fix ourselves?”  I recognized that the modern era transition from “Reverential” to “Referential” with respect to the earth had to be reversed, pointing out how our technical and economic institutions were outstripping our basic humanity. I even pondered on whether homo sapiens may be a failed genetic experiment.

Failsafe is available as an ebook on Amazon Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/Failsafe-Saving-Earth-Ourselvesebook/dp/B006DLB4AK/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1329677682&sr=8-1

Earth My Body Water My Blood 

Earth My Body - Front Cover

In my last ecology class before retiring from Carleton University in 2007, my students insisted that I get more testy and belligerent about global issues. I enlisted their brilliance and diligence to do exactly that, with a collective focus on eco-communities. We studied this issue from rural communities to urban condos – and I did get belligerent, including a George Carlin inspired riff on “Entitlement” while severely holding political and corporate leaders to account. This adventure with my students reflected the particular shift in mindset required to salvage the global ecosystem for human habitation. Wherever we are located on the planet – we considered it essential to conduct ourselves as being part of a global eco-community.  Whether we live in a rural or urban locale, in the industrial or developing worlds, work in a factory, office building, farm or retail outlet, our mindset has to be focused on the reality of living as one component of Gaia’s ecosystem. An edited collection – Earth My Body, Water My Blood – emerged from the enthusiasm, insights and sheer hard work of these students. 

The book was organized around the five great elements – Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space – which represent the Universe in Buddhist, Native American and Taoist traditions.  The sequence describes the principle of interconnectedness and provided the metaphor to organize the volume, as the five great elements taken together are inherent in all aspects of life.  They are much more than their physical appearance, as they mirror the inner reality of an interconnected human consciousness.  The driving force from the inner dimension is the feminine representation of awakening. The feminine principle is the creator of all matter and things, including the five elements and also ourselves.  The external forms of the five elements in the environment have the same factors as the internal presence.  So our global pollution, the endangerment of all species – including our own – is a direct reflection of what we have allowed our consciousness to become. I wrote the bridging chapters for each of the Five Great Elements from the level of testiness required by my students.

Tale of 3 Books 2013

This volume of essays was the continuation of Failsafe: Saving The Earth From Ourselves, which investigated the necessity of changing the mindset of humanity in order to combat the Global Ecological Emergency.  Earth My Body, Water My Blood provided a detailed investigation of how to do this by establishing the pre-conditions for eco-communities to function.  The collection described the mindset required to maintain an eco-niche for our species and covered the waterfront to ensure the successful establishment of an eco-community. The student teams knew the bigger picture and developed an antidote. If only we can get it right – and get it right now!  They were very aware of reining in our ego and greed-driven minds to permit the cultivation of different patterns.  Our shared excitement was that consciousness expansion could no longer be held back because a radical internal Climate Change would have emerged in humankind.  And so – our innate knowledge becomes manifest.  We interconnect with a vast counter culture that is no longer a minority, no longer asleep or disempowered.  We become another light shining in the quiet revolution that has over two million organizations worldwide pursuing constructive change. The best case scenario that we all agreed upon is this – our diligent mindfulness changes our brain structures in the direction that brings new paradigms of behavior into form.  As cells in the ecosystem of Gaia, humanity aligns its neuronal networks with principles of ecosystem balance, ethics and responsibility.  The critical mass has arrived and it amounts to a collective tipping point for our species.  Clarity and compassion are suddenly there to provide the basis for how we can be with the planet and with one another in a totally new way.  That was our collective intention with this piece of work, summed up by their phrase “Bring It On, Now!” This mentoring exercise with brilliant ecology students produced an excellent volume, which contributed to the 2011 Earth Day Environmental Award I received at the Canadian Museum of Civilization. The highlight for me, however, was not the award. It was that the majority of students in this class chose to work as environmentalists in different sectors of the Canadian economy. They cared as much as I did and that was deeply fulfilling.

Allow me to relate a story told by a Metis raconteur.

The non-human land and air creatures of the world were alarmed and frightened by the world being on fire.  Each species and form sent a representative to gather in a secluded valley visited by rain, with a river running into the ocean.  This location was chosen so that the ocean and river creatures could also be represented.  At the gathering of the non-humans there was a huge cacophony of sound, laments, blaming, cries of anguish that the world was coming to an end – and much desperation.  Beyond this verdant valley the world was on fire. Then all the creatures gradually grew quiet and lapsed into silence as they observed Hummingbird.  Hummingbird flew to the river and took a drop of water in her beak. He flew to the fire and dropped it on the flames.  Back to the water, picking up a drop of water, flying to the fire and dropping it.  On she went, relentless and unstoppable – flying to the river for a drop of water then flying to the fire and dropping it on the flames.  All the creatures were astounded.  Finally Bear shouted “Hummingbird, what do you think you are doing?”  Hummingbird flew to the river for another drop of water and dropped it onto the flames.  As she flew back to the river, he hovered for a moment in front of Bear and said – “The Best I Can.”

What is the best that you can do dear reader?

What is the best that I can be?

What is the best that our political and corporate leaders can do?

For the latter to emerge requires that we hold our leaders to account, and citizen activism on an unprecedented scale is necessary for that.  This is essential for the younger generation just coming into maturity and responsibility.  My generation has not left a healthy and viable planet.  I offer a humble apology to them for that neglect.  I ask of my generation of environmentalists, activists and organizers that they transfer their skills and knowledge to the younger generation.  To be mentors for the generation that has to do the heavy lifting to put things right on planet earth.  I will not be around to see the changes.  Yet I do possess a modicum of confidence.  I feel that the younger generation will modify the “Yes We Can” mantra that got Barack Obama into the White House.  In twenty years my hope is that the mantra will have been changed to “Yes We Did” with respect to Mother Earth. When I look at young people, I see beyond the ipods, electronic gadgetry and attitude to the deep intelligence that yearns for something better.  I love their in-your-face attitude, as that is the energy of determination that will drive them to put things into balance on the planet.  They are not caught so readily by the identities and trade-offs that my generation is so good at entertaining.  They are breaking down the barriers of discrimination, storming the barricades of separation.  I have only one thing to ask of them.  That they slow down for a moment and hold out their hand.  For as long as I have a spark in this mind and breath in this body I say to them – Wait for me, because I am going with you.

Earth My Body is available as an ebook on Amazon Kindle: http://www.amazon.com/Earth-Body-Water-Blood-ebook/dp/B006FKUOQY/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1329678067&sr=8-1

Song of Silence

Cover Song of Silence5

The Hummingbird story brings home that something else is necessary for us to redress the global ecological emergency. We have made our world an unpredictable beast because we fail to work with it intelligently. That means the future is sacrificed while we occupy an ecosystem of distraction technologies. Distracted people do not realize they are in danger. Rumi’s wise words are cogent: “Sit down and be quiet. You are drunk and this is the edge of the roof.”  But political and corporate agendas had forced humanity off the edge of the roof to occupy an ecosystem of distraction technologies. Citizens around the world do not realize they are in such dreadful danger. Somehow we have to take back control of ourselves and this is a spiritual matter. Turning on the switch of awakening seems to be a good idea right now.

Spiritual Awakening must factor into the humanity – earth equation, yet there is so much in the way. The fear and suffering felt globally prevents people from taking action, as they are frozen and trapped by their particular circumstances.  People feel dwarfed by the senseless carnage, violence and collapse of all systems – financial and ecological. Distractions also prevent us from waking up, as we just do not want to think about what is happening. We can, however, become awakened consumers and hold both politics and corporations to account. We just need to touch the sacred in ordinary experiences of life to find the courage and determination to do so. This is the initial step into Awakening.

And so I come to the last book in this trilogy – Song of Silence – a novel I first wrote in 1975. It was soon forgotten, as way back then I really did not know how to get published.  The manuscript was rediscovered by accident in 2011. I found it in an old filing cabinet where it was gathering dust.  I read it through and could scarce believe it was such a good read.  I requested my wife and a couple of friends with critical eyes to read it through, just in case I was dreaming. Modern technology enabled the yellowing typed manuscript to be transformed into a computer ready document. Though it required attention to spelling and typos with small additions from a writer’s eye some forty years later – it stands pristine as when first written. My wife thought it was tremendous, one friend could not put it down and mused about the film to be made, the other friend cried through most of it.  All of which encouraged me to bring “Song of Silence” to life.

The story is an allegory for the life difficulties I experienced at that time – 40 years ago. The surprise for me was how could I have written such a book while in a desperate state of mind? I was a real mess – with a failing marriage in the Hebrides, Scotland  and trying to keep a career going at Carleton University in Canada. I was not doing a good job with either. This novel is set in The Hebrides, islands off the northwest coast of Scotland, with startling cycles of maturing and downfall of the main character Callum Mor – a gifted child, master mariner, derelict drunk – who eventually gains wisdom from a hard life’s journey. He enters the dark zone of alcoholism and withdraws from society. With only his animals keeping him this side of sanity he survives in a bleak solitude.  Until a family with a small girl seeking refuge from a storm come to his house. Slowly he edges away from his self-destruction. He saves the girl’s life in a blizzard. At this point a glimmer of awakening dawns in him and this sets the stage for the final drama that illuminates the resilience of the human spirit.  Laced with grim humor, the story has nature’s harsh and beautiful rhapsody as the background for tragic human failings.   It applies universally to human suffering in a chaotic world and the triumph of human decency provides redemption rather than staring into the abyss. Awakening transforms everything. Looking at this book 40 years later, I noticed a contemporary theme. Global citizens are in fact staring into the abyss – nuclear, economic, environment, violence, abuse – yet instead of being eaten up by it all, I say to you – Awaken Spiritually – for that transforms everything. I concluded my talk by reading a passage from the book (Pgs 134 – 137) that describes Callum Mor’s awakening and how it transformed everything.

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