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A Steward of Gaia.

  • Jana Begovic, Author of “Poisonous Whispers”


Ian Prattis’ essays reflect the essence of his character. A steward of Gaia, in his opening essay “Our World Is Burning” Prattis engages in a dialogue with a nine-year old boy who is terrified of growing up in a world that will burn up. With touching gentleness, Prattis assuages the boy’s fears and paints an image of the role the boy can assume in contributing to the forces of good in the world. The essay highlights what most of us are aware of – the devastation inflicted by humans on planet Earth. Prattis shines the light on the path of mindful living by outlining a series of steps we could all adopt in our effort to reduce the negative imprint on Earth. The thread of mindfulness in the tapestry of Prattis’ essays encompasses the acts of transferring knowledge to others. In “Punk Palace” Prattis describes how giving his son the gift of mindfulness, he saves him from the clutches of drug addiction. Prattis treads a terra nova and offers a tale of a dad’s love, patience and devotion. His other essays exude profoundly inspirational messages and sound the alarm bell, but also light the torch of hope, and possible redemption of a landscape of potentially apocalyptic darkness. This book is a gift.


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“The Seasons” – 2018 Honourable Mention for Poetry.

The Canadian Authors 2018 National Capital Writing Contest had a gala, May 8, at the Auditorium, Ottawa Public Library – Short Story and Poetry Awards. My poem “The Seasons” was a finalist in the Poetry category. It received an Honourable Mention. The first time I had entered any of my poems. I will be sure to scribble something for 2019.

The Seasons                                                                                       Ian Prattis 

Winter’s swift warning

lay quiet and mantled on trees

formerly vibrant with autumn’s life.

The shapes of summer submerged

in grotesque beauty as bitter cold sets in

freezing fingers of ungloved hands.

In the rhythm of seasons,

the old ones in their late season

notice and nod, calmly carrying on

in their private wisdom.

Birds driven by winter’s warning

fluff their feathers and dance in the cold,

tapping on windows their insistence for the old man

to nail the feeder to the sugar maple

reserved for their winter joy by the farmhouse window.

So soon have summer’s fruits given way

to this stretch of nature’s dominion.

A long wait until man and land renews

in springtime’s burst.

Nature’s cycle, its rhythm undeterred

etches seeds of decay, silence and renewal with an unseen hand

that speaks to us

should we care to listen to that voice.

Ripple felt on all shores

Our World is Burning: My Views on Mindful Engagement

  • Gayle Crosmaz-Brown, Master Drum Artisan & Spiritual Activator

Ian’s writing style keeps one motivated to keep turning the pages wanting to know more. His passion for sharing his insights and growth has no bounds, and triggers others to take action. May all who invest their time absorbing these pages find it in their own hearts to live the example being created within his prose. Ian is the stone being tossed into the waters of life. Let his ripple be felt on all shores.

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