It Hurts – Tragically Hip

It Hurts – Tragically Hip

It hurts
That the “Man Who Walks Among the Stars”
is now there,
poetic, mystical magician of music.
The collective grief of Canada spills
– almost too much for a country
that loved Gord Downie
yet understood not enough of his intentions.
He celebrated every particle of Canada
inviting us to his death, placing his heart
with indigenous brothers and sisters
– a Secret Path and Chanie Wenjack –
to bring lasting reconciliation to the neglected and abused.
Exposing a deep scar on the nation’s conscience,
In his passing he challenges us still –
His flaming torch will not be doused.
I for one commit to pick up this flame
….will you?……

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Honouring Gord DownieLike Page

There will never be another Gord Downie. 

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