This futuristic finale of a trilogy stands on award winning books – Redemption and Trailing Sky Six Feathers. Buy a copy ($24.95) and receive the two prior books for FREE. Order through:   

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  • Virginia Minchkin, Poet:

This work is exquisite – the colors, movement, confusion, overlap, confrontation… visceral interpretation of connectedness… these are the words ‘New Planet, New World’ bring up for me. …the last book in a trilogy, bringing the vibrancy, violence, cataclysms, and expansive growth of the characters’ experiences on different planets, back full circle to share in the humanity of hope for us all!

  • Joslyn Wolfe, Editor: Focus on Women Magazine:

Ian Prattis has been gifted with the ability to move, encourage and inspire others through his books.  He writes about ethics, religion, personal experiences, spirituality, transformation and excels at the task. It is time to celebrate his many accomplishments with this recent literary masterpiece.

  • Maggie McLeod, Artist:

I am deeply honoured to see part of this journey…What Ian Prattis has already done for this world and what he continues to do with this book provides a sense of relief and gratitude not only to me but for anyone who turns the pages of this epic work.

  • Camila Reimers, Chilean-Canadian author:

Ian Prattis is a master storyteller. His writing style reminds me of Magical Realism used in Latino American literature, where there is magic in the rational world and there is no lineal time, the characters live in a circle where past, present and future happen simultaneously. At this time of turmoil the message of hope that Ian has to offer is very much needed by new and old generations.

  • John Lundin, author of The New Mandala – Eastern Wisdom for Western Living, written with the Dalai Lama, and Journey to the Heart of the World, written with the indigenous elders of la Sierra Nevada in Colombia.

In his new book, New Planet, New World, author Ian Prattis shares a compelling futuristic Hero’s Journey of hope for humanity.  And he offers an age-old prescription for bringing about the realization of that hope: the cultivation of love, the mainspring for authentic and responsible living, as taught by the elders of all spiritual cultures throughout history. This book is a wisdom teaching of its own, with the past informing a hope for the future.

  • Rabia Wilcox, Counsellor:

Ian Prattis has created a magnificent journey through time and space – dimensions too – in sacred ways of honouring all peoples, their ancestors, future generations and the kindly power of Nature. The acts of generosity, the authentic responsibility explored and experienced throughout this book nourishes my body, mind and spirit.

  • Anita Rizvi, Therapist:

“New Planet, New World” is a powerful novel which explores an alternative to the destructive path civilisation is presently on. The intricacy of many themes keeps the reader engaged with brilliant writing that is exciting, tender, engaging and thoughtful. The underlying message is the fostering of love as the basic philosophy for the future. Most arresting is the fiery rant by Dr. Tom Hagen at the UN in 2080 addressing the stubborn refusal of governments and corporations immersed in the oil/carbon complex to take heed. The relationship between Catriona and Rising Moon is particularly moving.  We observe two young women from different worlds coming together to create a haven for young people, placing their safety above ego fostering. Through these characters, we consider how any two nations can apply similar principles while civilisation still has the chance. The battle with jihadists is riveting and difficult to bear, but even here compassion prevails.

This futuristic novel combines science with Pope Francis’ Encyclical and strong warnings regarding the disregard by carbon cabal leaders. Tolstoy’s assertion of love as the basis for proper living pulsates as an undercurrent throughout each chapter. Dr. Prattis succeeds in offering us a gift of hope in troubled times via the presentation of a new way of living based on ecology, respect and compassion. “New Planet, New World” not only is one of the most important books of 2016; it is a wake-up call for all of humanity. Ian Prattis’ writing moves me… a visionary sent from God to our troubled world.

Dear Ian, I thought the first book introducing Callum Mor in “Redemption” was the best but oh, how I was wrong… I am in absolute bliss reading New Planet New World…it’s hard to explain how it feels to read your work… It is like God’s energy is moving through each word. I cried so much at Catriona’s meeting with Rising Moon…it is one thing to know the general summary of this book, it is quite another to read it…Thank you for being a gift of light to our world, dear friend!



  • Lynn Ross Adamson-Malelli, photographer:

In this original and surprising plot twist, the final book of this trilogy leaps into the near future. This future does not exist as a separate chronological entity, it is simply part of the eternal ‘now’, the ‘now’ that requires mindfulness. We learn through the twists and turns of the individual stories that the spirit of this Mother Earth is in all of us, at all times, wherever we are in the universe. The trilogy as a whole guides us from one man’s macrocosm, through the connectedness of spirit throughout time and out into the expanse of the universal macrocosm.


  • Eleanor Aronoff, Reiki Master

The stories in the trilogy are diverse and very human tales that touch deeply into the emotional heart.  The beautiful and evocative writing brilliantly weaves the stories together, carrying us along as we evolve with the author, learning what it truly means to be human.  This final book completes the journey that has taken us across great distances of time and space while also keeping us rooted firmly in our hearts.  I highly recommend New Planet, New World.  Not only is it an inspirational and heartfelt story, it is a magnificent adventure to savour and enjoy.

  • Allan Green, Spiritual Facilitator

This book celebrates one of the great visionaries of our times.

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