2015 Quill Award Winner


Dear Ian Prattis,

We thank you for your willingness to attend our very special author’s reception and congratulate you on winning the Donna Lynn Quill Award for your book Trailing Sky Six Feathers.

Front Cover Trailing Sky Six Feathers

Those in the literary world definitely believe in the power of the pen.  You have been gifted with the ability to move, encourage and inspire others through your words.  In your book you write about ethics, religion, personal experiences, spirituality, transformation and excel at the task.  We are thrilled that you will be joining us at the author’s reception here in Columbia, Maryland at a location that is sophisticated, elegant and historic, The Johns Hopkins Club.  You can expect to meet a number of people who have been touched by your practical advice, journey and teachings.  It is a phenomenal opportunity to get to know others, exchange ideas, network and stake your claim to fame as you sign your books for attendees.  This is an event that we hold every year and it is near and dear to our hearts since it is impossible to place a value on reading.  We appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to be here, celebrate your accomplishments with this literary masterpiece and help others better express themselves and their thoughts and feelings.  It is often said that the more you read, the better you will be able to write and you just might inspire a future generation of incoming authors.  We wish you the very best and commend you on the recognition you will receive next month.

Sincerest congratulations,

Joslyn Wolfe

Focus on Women Magazine



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