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15 Seconds on YouTube and Press Release

My book “Trailing Sky Six Feathers” in 15 seconds on YouTube. Please share. Thank you.

Press Release for Trailing Sky Six Feathers: One Man’s Journey with His Muse

Spiritual awakening is needed to ensure survival, author says. Ian Prattis shares personal journey, advocates about spiritual awakening, empowerment in new book: Trailing Sky Six Feathers: One Man’s Journey with His Muse.

OTTAWA – Climate change, ecosystem collapse and anarchy are just some of the current issues that propelled author Ian Prattis to widen his advocacy of empowerment and change. “Trailing Sky Six Feathers” is Prattis’ way of shedding light on issues that affect and will continue to affect the generations to come. Sharing his challenging journey and personal transformation, Prattis illuminates a path for others to expand their consciousness and chart the course for a future beyond the abyss. “The human race does not need to be stuck with maladaptive options and patterns,” says Prattis, “We can and must transform.”

Front Cover Trailing Sky Six Feathers

Prattis further believes that global culture needs to awaken spiritually if humanity wants to ensure survival. For him, “the world has become an unpredictable beast that people fail to work with intelligently; and humanity has to take back control of themselves, for this is a spiritual matter.” Insightful and illuminating, this story follows the exciting journey of a hero which is like Indiana Jones meets the Buddha with a dash of Celestine Prophecy. “Trailing Sky Six Feathers” shines light on the darkest elements of the human condition, including the author’s own.

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Callum Mor’s Ocean

Excerpt from Chapter One of Redemption – Gold Medal Winner for Fiction at 2015 Florida Book Festival                                                         

“Lobster.” “No Lobster.” “No Lobster.” “Crabs.” “Lobster.” “Crabs.” “No Lobster.” Like a medieval incantation old Angus sang out the greeting as the lobster creels came over the gunwale one by one.  “Lobster.” “No Lobster.” “Crab.” Uttered with exact same pitch and feeling he intoned a greeting to the creature trapped within. His huge hands deftly unlaced the latticed side of the creel and with a slow rhythm he methodically passed the lobsters to the boy standing on the deck of the boat.

The youngster watched in silence, transferring the lobsters from the gnarled hands of Angus to a large wooden box covered with a wet sack. He watched in fascination as Angus tore claws, shell and legs from the living crab to place the breast meat in the creel as bait along with half a salt mackerel. When the whole fleet of twenty creels were stacked on the deck, the skipper of the boat, Michael Martin, shouted above the noise of the engine to Angus that they were moving. This was the fourth fleet of twenty creels to be serviced that September morning. Michael took the boat out to sea then cut the engine. The craft moved up and down with the swell of the sea. The remaining fleets of lobster creels could wait while their leisurely lunch was consumed. Michael’s gaze on the boy was fond. Angus and Michael talked about their catch and where the remaining fleets of creels would be placed. Callum Mor sat quietly looking at them.

He had shared their sandwiches, supped from Angus’s large mug and listened to their talk of the sea. His left hand was ugly and red with two large welts suffered from lobster nips. He had borne the pain in silence but his tears had been noticed by the two men. They had said nothing but at their lunch made room for him and treated him with a gentle courtesy, which he shyly treasured. Angus sat on a fish box filling his pipe, his pale blue eyes rarely away from the sea that sustained him. His weathered features and great broad shoulders and hands a contrast to the slight eager faced boy beside him. Michael started the engine and the boat swung south as they approached an inlet close to Mieray Island. In the shadow of the soaring cliffs Angus’s incantations, sung softly under his breath, seemed almost like a prayer. Stretching sheer from the sea for nine hundred feet, the cliffs drew their eyes. It was as if to redefine their humanness, that a fleet of creels was set in a channel that cut through the soaring grandeur of the cliffs. An act of impudence, almost, to snatch a morsel from the feet of the gods. Angus deposited the baited creels into the sea, taking bearings from rocks he had brushed against countless times.

All three blinked as they emerged from the grotto and the September sunlight brought them back to life. As Michael piloted the boat northwards their eyes would frequently travel back to the darkness they had with impunity dared, until the cliffs were lost from sight. Angus and Callum Mor busied themselves with securing the catch in wooden boxes that would be floated at a mooring in the bay. The boy’s arms and back ached from the lifting of heavy creels and his hand throbbed painfully. Angus put him in the wheelhouse with Michael. The noise of the engine made conversation impossible yet Michael shouted volubly above the roar and Callum Mor could not hear. His replies were similarly incomprehensible. Words strung together had no meaning above the noise but the osmosis of the sea and the beauty of the day united them in a way that did not require words. They enjoyed their mutually unintelligible conversation all the way back to the pier.

Callum Mor was dispatched home with a large bag of crab claws. He walked along the pier road and up the brae that eventually lead to his father’s croft. He moved the bag of crab claws from arm to arm as its weight told on his small, tired muscles. His sister met him at the rise of the brae, her bright red skirt a counterpoint to the green jersey of Callum Mor. The two colours, his sister now helping in the carrying of the bag, were soon lost to sight, as Michael and Angus returned to their own island.

Redemption front cover

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I consider Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey as an underlying template for all great books and do my best to weave its threads through my writing. My latest book New Planet, New World is the final bookend of a trilogy – “Chronicles of Awakening.” Redemption is the first book in this trilogy that has Trailing Sky Six Feathers as the second book. The final tome of this trilogy takes characters from the prior two books, placing them in the future on a new planet. From the 18th century, Rising Moon (daughter of Trailing Sky) is hurled by shamanic means to the new planet. From the 21st century Tom and Sian Hagen with their daughter Catriona get there from a failing spaceship. Life on the new planet permits a beginning anew for our species – a communal Hero’s Journey to reconstruct a society based on ecology, sharing and caring.

But there are calamities to endure – a brutal abduction and rape, a jihadist cell hi-jacking a spaceship to take over the new planet, the desperate loss of pioneers in an exploding spaceship. I do not shy away from the reason for finding a new planet. I place in the mouth of Dr. Tom Hagen a speech to the UN that I would certainly like to give from the future. It is about the willful ignorance displayed by corporate and government cabals invested in the carbon/oil complex, while eco militias murder in the streets and social disorder is a norm.

The first chapter is a lyrical and dangerous meeting on the new planet between Catriona and Rising Moon. Instead of killing one another they become blood sisters. The Second chapter is quite dark about the perilous destruction of the spaceship and safe landing of some of the pioneer travellers. Chapter Three is a love story and Chapter Four provides vision. Chapters Five and Six are dark yet permit the human spirit to prevail. The battle with jihadists in Chapter Six is not for the squeamish. Chapter Seven returns to love and nature while the final chapter Eight muses philosophically about human survival anywhere. The end game is a philosophy to endure and not repeat the mistakes of the prior civilization on Planet Earth.

The reader will find in this futuristic novel three distinct love stories, the establishment of ethical settlements with a paradigm that echoes Tolstoy’s “people of the twenty fifth century” and wise resolution for severe setbacks. The novel moves from dark to liberating chapters with action, fear, resolution, death, rape, bravery, exile in this futuristic opportunity for humanity. This action packed book ends on a philosophical note concerning our place in the centuries to come.

An editing friend cast her critical eyes on this work: “Can’t wait to see the film! (fingers crossed!)  This work is exquisite – the colors, movement, confusion, overlap, confrontation… a visceral interpretation of connectedness… these are the words your writing brings up for me. …the last book in a trilogy, bringing all of the vibrancy, violence, cataclysms, and expansive growth of the characters’ experiences on different planets, back full circle to share in the humanity of hope for us all!” – 2016 publication

Ian Prattis is an award winning author of fourteen books. Recent awards include Gold for fiction at the 2015 Florida Book Festival, 2015 Quill Award from Focus on Women Magazine and Silver for Environment and Conservation from the 2014 Living Now Literary Awards. Julia Ann Charpentier says his: “admirable command of language brings to every scene a striking visual clarity.” Of his Gold for Redemption Anita Rizvi calls it “a riveting novel chronicling one man’s journey through the stages of innocence, darkness, destruction and transformation.” She goes on to say, “What is so exquisite is the tenderness and honesty with which the author deals with the human condition . . . he refuses to sanitize experience.” He depicts the stations of a personal Calvary that ultimately leads to Redemption. His poetry, memoirs, fiction, articles, blogs and podcasts appear in a wide range of venues.




Here is a link to the Dandelions Dance Company performing the piece, ‘Prayer for the Twenty First Century’ by John Marsden.

This is what John said when he saw their dance: “That’s an absolutely extraordinary piece of dance. I’ve never seen such a beautiful and moving response to my work. Thank you – you deserved the standing ovation at the end.

All the best”

John Marsden

May the road be free for the journey,

May it lead where it promised it would.

May the stars that gave ancient bearings

Be seen and be understood:

May every aircraft fly safely;

May every traveler be found;

May sailors in crossing the seas,

Not hear the cries of the drowned.


May gardens be wild like jungles,

May nature never be tamed.

May dangers create of us heroes,

May fears always have names.

May the mountains stand to remind us

Of what it means to be young;

May we be outlived by our daughters,

May we be outlived by our sons.

May the bombs rust away in the bunkers,

And the doomsday clock be rewound;

May the solitary scientists, working,

Remember the holes in the ground.

May the knife remain in the holder,

May the bullet stay in the gun,

May those who live in the shadows

Be seen by those in the sun.



Saturday, September 26, 2015, 12 noon – 4.00pm,

Jean Pigott Place, Ottawa City Hall                 

Friends for Peace Day  is an awesome, diverse, unique Ottawa experience.  A day to celebrate the consciousness of peace, social justice and planetary care. Mayor Jim Watson said: “Friends for Peace is an outstanding organization that does very important work, promoting, strengthening and maintaining peace, planetary care and social justice within our communities and the environment.”  Friends of Peace has been an integral part of the Annual Ottawa Peace Festivals.

sticker v41

2015 Peace Awards Ceremony honors Jurme Wangda, founder of Ottawa Friends of Tibet and Coleen Scott, founder of Karen Learning and Education Opportunity.  These organizations receive a 2015 Peace Grant for the incredible work they do. There are tables for community groups, treasures at the Silent Auction, fabulous food and a chance to connect with like-minded people. It’s a day for young and old as the diversity of Ottawa turns up for a great time. Friends for Peace Canada is a registered non-profit organisation. Entrance is by donation. All funds raised enable Peace Grants to be presented to organizations making a difference. The intent is to create a different form of peaceful expression to create infrastructure in our institutions that value peace and planetary processes.  Doors Open at 11.00am – browse the Silent Auction and Servery. Onstage program with music, speeches, and other talent starts at noon with The Valley Men Choir, Roumy Mounzer, Orkidstra, Dialog of Friendship, Lucille Hildesheim and others.

Ian congratulating Orkidstra (2)

The day builds confidence, hope, connections and fellowship. Come out and support this noble adventure. Building Community to Heal the World. Keeping Vision Alive. Taking Action. Celebrating.

Please join us for this important 13th anniversary.

Consciousness Podcast and Review

Consciousness Podcast and Review about Trailing Sky Six Feathers Book


It’s Official – my interview is now “LIVE” on the all-new 7-Day-A-Week Consciously Speaking and is up and running on iTunes. Here are the links: Season 1, Episode 118:   Dr. Ian Prattis – Poet, Author & Spiritual Warrior Available on iTunes:

Available on Conscious Speaking website: 

Here is the review by Blue Ink – significant voice in Indie Publishing 

Trailing Sky Six Feathers: One Man’s Journey with His Muse

by Ian Prattis

Xlibris, 199 pages, (paperback) Order a signed copy at

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In this spiritual exploration, a highly educated man becomes a humble seeker, works painstakingly through the events of two fascinating lifetimes, and emerges with a message for humankind. British/Canadian author Ian Prattis has taught university-level religion and anthropology, but even with this impressive intellectual grounding, his journey was incomplete until he contacted Trailing Sky Six Feathers, a powerful female shaman to whom he believes he was wed, in the 1700s, in Arizona. In 1777, her final vow as he lay dying was, “I will find you, my husband.”

Prattis, whose childhood was marred by sexual abuse, set out to comprehend his present life through his study of religious beliefs of indigenous peoples. This led him to encounters with several contemporary Native American sages who forced him to drop his intellectual approach and accept his lustrous spiritual experiences as real, not dreams or self-induced visions. The merging of the parallel spirit world of Native American religion into his current incarnation put many disparate elements of his life in perspective and facilitated his reunion with Trailing Sky Six Feathers, “the greatest medicine woman the Southwest has ever known.”

Though this fantastic tale leaves room for skepticism, most who read Prattis’ latest work will be swept up in this saga of self-examination, revelation, and indeed, exhilarating global adventure. Prattis writes with erudition, charm and humor, ridiculing his own blunders as much as he praises his teachers. Now a spiritual retreat leader, Prattis presents a unique viewpoint hewn from hard-won exploration of traditional wisdom, offering all of us the overarching advice to “awaken spiritually” so that we may “create a stable economy and way of life” and save Mother Earth.

Front Cover Trailing Sky Six Feathers