Daily Archives: January 18, 2015

Culinary Renaissance.

I remember at my 70th birthday celebration being roasted by my young neighbor and Carolyn. They sardonically talked about my being a great chef.  That I would just pick up a phone and dial one of Ottawa’s fine restaurants when it was my turn to cook.  Quite hilarious, but true.  So I am attempting to remedy the situation – yet with disastrous results.

Carolyn Singing her song!

First go was under the tutelage of dear Carolyn, my lovely wife.  I usually do the chopping and prep – so that was OK.  I placed a dijon mustard covering on the salmon fillet.  Steamed the vegetables – butternut squash, cauliflower and broccoli – first of all while the oven warmed up – set at broil.  Grated the cheese to go on top once it was done.  Then placed the salmon in the oven – forgetting to wear oven gloves. Forgetting to pull the rack out, place the salmon on it and then push the rack in.  I reached inside to place the dish on the rack just under the red hot broil coil. As I pulled my hands out I lifted them a bit and nearly hit the ceiling.

I burned my left hand on the red hot broil coil of the oven. Carolyn immediately applied lavender oil to it. No blister – just healing but slowly recovering. I do not know very much about essential oils, but I am certainly going to learn.

One week later – with oven gloves at the ready – experiment #2. The next culinary experiment – under strict supervision from She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed – created a salmon flaked pasta with sauted onions, squash & a dash of milk. Yes – I used oven mitts this time. Even wore my apron with bold prose:

“I DRINK BETTER THAN I COOK” That is water by the way….just sayin’

The veggies were soggy, though the pasta was great. So for experiment #3 I enlisted my sous chefs at the Back Lane Café in Hintonberg. They were superb. Great conversation, no chance at burning myself or creating soggy vegetables. Then on to the next stage – a fabulous evening of nostalgia at the NAC. The orchestra was playing the songs from “Singin’ in the Rain” – the film projected on a huge screen behind them. It was sweet, a bit corny in places but just watch Gene Kelly’s dance in the pouring rain. Bet you smile and hum along. Carolyn and I belted out the songs on the drive home.

Sous chefs RULE!