Daily Archives: January 9, 2015

The Power of the Ocean

This blog takes us home to deeper understanding


Floating above the waves, letting the current take me where it pleases, I surrendered to the power of now, to the energy of the universe, to my thirst to understand the earth I inhabit. As I’m floating I slip for a second, like in meditation when you realise your thinking about dinner, I slip out of mindfulness or consciousness and try to put my feet on the floor but I can’t. I turn around and panic that I’m too far out so I swim closer to shore. Why? As I’m swimming I remind myself to try to understand the ocean, the currents and the strength of it, I return to lying on my back, stretching out so I can see only my toes in the horizon, it’s a feeling of isolation like no other if you imagine you’re the only person in the water, you can’t see anybody even if…

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