Redemption Wins Gold

“Redemption” is the Gold Medal Winner in the General Fiction category of the 2015 Florida Book Festival. The awards ceremony is on January 31, 2015, in Orlando.

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Here is a recent Press Release about this award winning book.

Novel chronicles Scotsman’s ‘Redemption’

Ian Prattis shares allegory of prevailing over personal demons, triumphing over life’s hardships

OTTAWA, Ontario – From author Ian Prattis comes a moving tale of personal “Redemption” (published by Xlibris) based on his very own life and how he faced and overcame the many vicissitudes of fate he encountered. In this allegory the character representing the author embarks on a hero’s journey, as memories are retold as epics reflecting the great adventure and great struggle of life.

The story follows Callum Mor, opening with his childhood in the Hebrides, islands off Scotland. He draws wonderful mentors to him; his schoolteacher, who lights the spark of a bard in him, animal friends such as an otter, a brutal fisherman who shields his darkness from the boy as he matures, and others. Callum Mor thrives despite the poverty of his home, as the island life is suffused with gentle humor and adventure.

Things begin to change when his father is driven to madness and when his brother is murdered at Montreal. Callum Mor stays with his mother and forgets his yearnings to be a writer. He becomes the best fisherman in the region before grave misunderstandings tear his love, Catriona, away from him. He then drives himself and his crew to the very limits of endurance before his mother’s death makes him snap. He enters the dark zone of alcoholism and withdraws from society with only his animals keeping him on this side of sanity. His solitude is broken when a family with a small girl comes to his house to seek refuge from a storm. Slowly he edges away from his self-destruction as he saves the girl’s life in a winter blizzard. The glimmer of awakening dawns in him, he sees his life pass in front of his eyes, setting the stage for the final drama that illuminates the resilience of the human spirit.

From the rhapsody of an idyllic childhood through traumatic tragedies to the derelict zone of alcoholism and then a state of awakening, Prattis depicts the stations of a personal Calvary that ultimately lead to “Redemption.”


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About the Author

Ian Prattis, a poet and scholar, peace and environmental activist, was born on October 16, 1942, in Great Britain. He grew up in Corby, a tough steel town populated by Scots in England’s countryside.

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