On The Road Again… 2 Books and a CD

Book Reading & Signing in Orlando, Florida, USA 

Saturday, November 1, 2014 from 3 – 4:30 pm:

    • 9222 Charles E Limpus Rd, Orlando, Fl 32836
    • Contact Pam Allen: 407 353 2000 PAllen1236@aol.com
    • Ian will introduce his two recently released books that throw light on issues facing future generations – Trailing Sky Six Feathers and Redemption.  He will present a talk titled “Awakening in Our Times: A Tale of Two Books”, to be followed by a book reading and signing.

TRAILING SKY SIX FEATHERS: One Man’s Journey with His Muse

Our industrial growth civilization is a system devouring itself; dislocating the organic structures of Mother Earth to the point that all species – not just our own – are at risk. It has taken us to the edge of a dangerous precipice. From there we stare into the abyss of climate change, ecosystem and financial collapse, nuclear energy breakdown, resource wars, cyberbullying, terrorism and anarchy. These issues are making civilization vulnerable to extinction. I believe that our culture needs to awaken spiritually in order to ensure survival.  My new book “Trailing Sky Six Feathers” illuminates issues that will impact the human race for generations. The book follows my spiritual journey as I travel across the globe throughout the course of two lifetimes.

Book video: http://youtu.be/9ohImbVX57g



Front Cover Trailing Sky Six Feathers

The darkness before us does offer an opportunity, a chance to remake ourselves by transforming our minds. Instead of being eaten up by the abyss we can choose to Awaken Spiritually, for that transforms the one thing we can control – our minds. It often seems that we are waiting for someone to step up for us – a Mandela, Ghandi or Martin Luther King. But they are dead and gone. So it is up to you, up to me, to step up and awaken spiritually. That’s what my book – Trailing Sky Six Feathers is about.

There are two main characters that open the book in 18th century Arizona – Trailing Sky Six Feathers and Eagle Speaker. When the reader encounters Trailing Sky Six Feathers, my muse from the past, they encounter a powerful, relentless woman who transforms my life in reality in the 21st century.  She has been described as one of the most powerful women in modern Canadian Literature. Eagle Speaker is her husband and also my transformation vehicle. He dies cradled in her arms in a medicine wheel in the year 1777. As he takes his last breath, Trailing Sky whispers to him: “I will find you my husband, I will find you.” Past life memories collide  n with the present. Karma is reversed, the internal battles are over, and I begin to live life as a Meditation for Gaia. The relentless shadowing by this engaging Muse brings understanding not only to me, but to anyone engaged in overcoming the darkness of their past. This book caps my long-term fascination with consciousness.

From the Blue Ink Review: “Though this fantastic tale leaves room for skepticism, most who read Prattis’ latest work will be swept up in this saga of self-examination, revelation, and indeed, exhilarating global adventure. Prattis writes with erudition, charm and humor, ridiculing his own blunders as much as he praises his teachers. Prattis presents a unique viewpoint hewn from hard-won exploration of traditional wisdom, offering all of us the overarching advice to “awaken spiritually,” so that we may “create a stable economy and way of life” and save Mother Earth.”

REDEMPTION – The Lost Manuscript

And so I come to the second book of 2014, Redemption, a novel I first wrote in 1975.  It was forgotten, as back then I did not know how to get published. The manuscript was rediscovered by accident in 2011. I found it in an old filing cabinet where it was gathering dust. I could scarcely believe it was such a good read and requested my wife and a couple of friends with critical eyes to read it through, just in case I was dreaming. One friend cried all the way through, the other mused about the film to be made. Modern technology enabled the yellowing typed manuscript to be transformed into a computer-ready document. It required attention ranging from spelling and typos with small additions from my writer’s eye some forty years later, yet stands pristine as when first written. The story is an allegory for the life difficulties I experienced at that time, forty years ago. The surprise for me was how could I have written such a book while in a desperate state of mind? I was a total mess with a failing marriage in the Hebrides, Scotland, and trying to maintain a career at Carleton University in Canada. I was not doing a good job with either.

http://youtu.be/FLd7_gxIlYw – book video

This novel is set in The Hebrides, islands off the northwest coast of Scotland, with startling cycles of maturing and downfall of the main character Callum Mor, a gifted child, master mariner, derelict drunk, who eventually gains wisdom from a hard life’s journey. He enters the dark zone of alcoholism and withdraws from society. With only his animals keeping him this side of sanity, he survives in a bleak solitude. Until a family with a small girl seeking refuge from a storm come to his house. Slowly, he edges away from his self-destruction. He saves the girl’s life in a blizzard. At this point, a glimmer of awakening dawns in him, and this sets the stage for the final drama that illuminates the resilience of the human spirit. Laced with grim humor, the story has nature’s harsh and beautiful rhapsody as the background for tragic human failings. It applies universally to human suffering in a chaotic world. The triumph of human decency provides redemption rather than giving up. Looking at this book forty years later, I notice the contemporary theme of Global citizens staring into the abyss, Yet instead of being eaten up by it all, I say:  “Awaken spiritually” for that transforms everything.

Redemption front cover

Lucille Hildesheim, International Harp Artiste has this to say about the book:

“What marks a great work of art is that it touches the heart and soul. Redemption touched mine very deeply. It is so vividly descriptive of both scenery and people, drawing you into the life of Callum Mor, making you cry for him, cheer for him, and wishing you could continue on his journey with him. It is a book to be read over and over again, from which to take away life lessons and inspiration for our own personal journey. This is a book to share with those who touch your life.”

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