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Reflective Voices for Trailing Sky

Melissa Studdard is an Award winning author,” Editor of Criterion, Professor of English Literature, Radio Show Host Tiferet Talk Interviews. This is what she had to say:

“A thrilling adventure spanning four centuries, Ian Prattis’ Trailing Sky Six Feathers: One Man’s Journey with His Muse renders nothing less than a complete transformation of karma. In addition to weaving a narrative that will captivate readers from the first page to the last, Prattis tells a story of depth and substance, one that, through example, has the potential to activate healing and promote understanding. This is the story of determination, of humanity’s true nature and greatest potential, of how we can live in harmony.” 


 Another girlfriend

The BLUE INK REVIEW is the authoritative voice of the Indie publishing industry. Here are some excerpts from their review of the book.

 “In this spiritual exploration, a highly educated man becomes a humble seeker, works

painstakingly through the events of two fascinating lifetimes, and emerges with a

message for humankind. 

Prattis, whose childhood was marred by sexual abuse, set out to comprehend his

present life through his study of religious beliefs of indigenous peoples. This led him to

encounters with several contemporary Native American sages who forced him to drop

his intellectual approach and accept his lustrous spiritual experiences as real, not

dreams or self-induced visions. The merging of the parallel spirit world of Native

American religion into his current incarnation put many disparate elements of his life in

perspective and facilitated his reunion with Trailing Sky Six Feathers, “the greatest

medicine woman the Southwest has ever known.”


Though this fantastic tale leaves room for skepticism, most who read Prattis’ latest work

will be swept up in this saga of self-examination, revelation, and indeed, exhilarating

global adventure. Prattis writes with erudition, charm and humor, ridiculing his own

blunders as much as he praises his teachers.  Prattis presents a unique viewpoint hewn from hard-won

exploration of traditional wisdom, offering all of us the overarching advice to “awaken

spiritually” so that we may “create a stable economy and way of life” and save Mother

Earth. “

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