New Book Testimonials


Final stages for Trailing Sky Six Feathers: One Man’s Journey with his Muse. The manuscript is edited – by the professional editing eyes of Lisa Fugard. The platform and Book Proposal is in good shape thanks to Julie Colvin. These two maestros have been so necessary on the journey to completion.  Last steps in the 231 years for this work to percolate. To pique your interest – I post some of the testimonials received so far. There is one more to come, hopefully, from a best selling author. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed on that one. The recent Writers Retreat in Sedona was a marvellous space to do the hard work.  And later relax in the Universe’s Cathedral in Red Rock country.


Dawn James. Author of “Raise Your Vibration,” Speaker, Consultant, Sound Healer, Teacher.

 “I feel what they feel; I hear what they hear”… as Ian Prattis eloquently captures the inner dialogues of his characters as they face emotional upheavals, unplanned events and brilliant realizations of personal and spiritual power. In Trailing Sky Six Feathers: One Man’s Journey with His Muse you find yourself walking beside each character with each turning page, joining them on their journey until together, we reach the final destination of discovering our true nature and purpose in life. A must read!

Dr. Tom Hynoski. Philosopher, Chiropractor, Community Builder.

I look forward to the exploits of this time traveler, Eagle Speaker, who lives in the far off mountains of inspiration. Trailing Skys’ final words to her husband chilled my body and warmed my soul. Love is inter-dimensional and Trailing Sky will follow it just as the great migratory flocks follow the unformed path across the sky. Much thanks for sharing this with me. Namaste.

Bob Allen. Founding CEO and Chief Story Teller at Ideas Orlando – Independent film studio – off shoot of Disney. 1992 – 2001 VP Disney Production Services Orlando.

I am familiar with both Ian’s oral style and his writing as a mentor and Buddhist teacher. But this is a new voice, a very fresh and captivating voice and it offers a narrative that will engage audiences. Ian’s character – for that is really who the teller is here – permits him the objectivity of time and distance and he rewards us with a transparent honesty that makes us part of this journey – which of course we are all on.

Melissa Studdard. Award winning author of “Six Weeks to Yehidah,” Editor of Criterion, Professor of English Literature, Radio Show Host Tiferet Talk Interviews

A thrilling adventure spanning four centuries, Ian Prattis’ Trailing Sky Six Feathers: One Man’s Journey with His Muse renders nothing less than a complete transformation of karma. In addition to weaving a narrative that will captivate readers from the first page to the last, Prattis tells a story of depth and substance, one that, through example, has the potential to activate healing and promote understanding. This is the story of determination, of humanity’s true nature and greatest potential, of how we can live in harmony.

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